Mission & Membership


iNAAJA does not embrace any specific political agenda. We respect the views and work of all of our members. The views and opinions of our members do not reflect the views or opinions of iNAAJA or its board or members.

Our goal is to support Arabs and Muslims in all levels of journalism and media, those working in the American  mainstream news media, those working in the Arab World news media, and those working in the Arab and Muslim American Ethnic news media.

The ethnic news media is very important, but often is pushed to the side. We support the ethnic news media because we believe an ethnic community is only as healthy as its ethnic news media. The stronger the ethnic media the stronger the community.

We are here to help by bringing members from all of the different levels of journalism together to network, share ideas, promote each other, support each other, and help identify employment opportunities, which is often the most difficult challenge in pursuing a media career.

There is a membership fee to join iNAAJA. The membership fees helps cover costs of managing the website, organizing conferences and sending out emails and material to members.

As a member, you ALSO receive a 50 percent discount on all conference registrations.

Membership Categories

iNAAJA recognizes membership in three Major Membership Categories and in sub-categories of specific work as follows:

Major Membership Category (You can be listed in more than one category)

1 – American Mainstream News Media

2 – Middle East Mainstream News Media

3 – Arab American Ethnic News Media

4 – Student (any level of education)

5 – Associates (supporters not in journalism but who support the importance of Arab and Muslims in journalism)


Each Major Membership Category is broken down into a sub-category:

A – Print Media Members

B – Broadcast Radio Media Members

C – Broadcast Television or Cable Media Members

C – Online Media Members

D – Podcasting


Each member can list their appropriate job title: Publisher, Editor, writer, broadcaster, host, etc.


iNAAJA hopes to soon launch a scholarship program to support young Arabs and Muslims to pursue journalism as a career and profession.

iNAAJA hosts conferences and gatherings to allow members to network not just with each other professionally as journalists, but also with thought leaders in our societies including government officials, business officials, activists and community leaders.

iNAAJA provides a structure where members can come and find support, guidance and opportunity for advancement.

iNAAJA especially wants to help the Ethnic and Online news media membership to publicize their efforts, writings, broadcasts and hard work so that the public recognizes, sees and hears the voices of the Arab and Muslim community.